‘A NASA View’


Going to visit this place was a very cool trip. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did – as I said to Dad, I’ve grown up accepting that rockets going into space is just a thing that happens. Although I understand going up to space is a big thing, perhaps I don’t appreciate how much work and science it took to make it happen – I’ve never known a time without rockets and all the inventions for everyday life that space exploration has brought us. As someone who studies Science, although physics is probably my weakest, going there and looking at the exhibits was a really good way to better understand those who have dedicated their lives to space, and some who have unfortunately lost their lives in the process of trying to better understand space and beyond our Earth. We also happened to meet a man who, it turns out, was the person to seal astronauts into their rockets and was the last person on Earth they saw until they landed on Earth again at the end of their mission. I suppose I should now actually talk about the image itself. I converted the image into black and white with a black layer, then removed the sections I wanted to have colour to emphasise the location. I quite like doing colour isolation photographs, and I think it works particularly well on this image.

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