Colour Schemes 1

i hear wings - colour scheme version
they multiply - colour scheme version

Containing ‘I Hear Wings‘ and ‘They Multiply‘. I started making colour schemes of pictures with similar and contrasting colours, and so far I’m quite pleased with the results. This will be a series of posts I will keep publishing, so I’ve created a category for them to be posted in.

Additionally, on dA I’ve created a separate folder called ‘Colour Schemes‘ which will collect all the colour schemes I do for my images. You can find the originals by clicking the images above, which will lead you to their dA page and the original image, or by clicking the titles, which are also linked to the same post.

Originally on deviantArt. // Alternatively, visit the Facebook page. // Now on WordPress.

All pictures on this website, unless otherwise stated, are (C) lottie-photography.


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