Welcome to Lottie Photography. I’m Lottie, as suggested by the name of the site, and this section is pretty much anything you might be interested to know.

Behind The Lens

I’m Lottie, 15 and living in England. I’m an absolute book nerd, writer and generally quite a creative person. I’m currently studying Textiles, Triple Science and Geography at GCSE. In May-June I will be taking my exams (scary!) and then progressing onto A Level where I hope to do, amongst other things, Photography as a qualification.

Instruments Of …Taking Pictures

I have several ways of doing ‘photography’ depending on where I am. It’s probably quite fussy but I am very possessive over cameras and, knowing my levels of clumsiness, I don’t want to break any of them. But especially my new one. Even with the 3 year guarantee.

  • Camera, either in my shiny new Nikon DSLR (D3200) if I know I won’t need to leave it anywhere eg. walking around a park or Comic Con.
  • Nikon point-and-click for when I need something that will fit into an everyday bag eg. theme parks.
  • iPod and Samsung for everyday ‘oh look what I found’ pictures that I don’t really class as photography (the iPod is temperamental in it’s quality to say the least, and although my phone is slightly better, both Nikons out rank them by a long distance.


deviantArt was where I began promoting my photography, and is the best place to go for instant updates as to what I’m posting. Get redirected to my profile by clicking here or searching ‘Lottie-Photography’.

You can also find me on Facebook here or by searching ‘Lottie Photography’. All likes to the page are really appreciated! If you also have a photography page you want to promote, let me know and we’ll see what we can arrange.

Contact Me

Any of the above ways are fine to contact me – either via note on deviantArt, Facebook message or commenting on a post here on WordPress. I may be setting up an email for Lottie Photography too, but for the moment my focus is on getting this site up and running as well as linking it in with my other sites.


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